Volunteers of the Antoniushilfe association

Reiner Wettcke 

Born 14.07.1963 in Karlsruhe - RK.married to Cornelia Wettcke 4 children

Founder and 1. chairman of the association ANTONIUSHILFE 

My task as founder of the association, I see first and foremost as a "worker in the vineyard of the Lord". My faith in Jesus Christ is the basis and the driving force of my actions. I am more in the background, even if it is necessary from time to time to step forward. Managing a company or even an association is a responsible task, although I am very aware that the essential work is done "at the front". This is the work with and for the people on the ground; unfortunately I am not able to do this, but I try my best to help the people and especially the affected children in my own way. This is done mainly by drawing attention to the plight of the children.

Professionally, I have been a fasting cure director for 25 years. Here, too, I try to help people, although this is done on a different level, namely in the mediation of a lifestyle conducive to human health. This task consequently brings me into contact with many people and gives me the opportunity to work for the association here as well. One of my favorite quotes comes from Erich Kästner, who once said, " There is nothing good unless you do it!" In this sense, I want to act, but not for the sake of doing, but to fulfill God's will. I hope that my work can be a small contribution to this.  


Anthony Javed

I myself am Anthony Javed, 27 years old. I was born in a Catholic family on 09.09.1993 in Lahore. Father Andrew Francis gave me the name Anthony after my birth. Father Andrew Francis (who later became a bishop) presented me at the shrine of Holy Mother Mary in Mariamabad. Father Andrew Francis used to help me with my educational expenses.  Therefore, one day when I was sitting at his house, he asked me about my passion and determination and what I wanted to become in the future. I let him know that I wanted to stand by the side of people fighting for justice, that I wanted to become the voice of helpless people who have fallen out of the community through no fault of their own. I told him that I wanted to become an advocate and he supported me in every way possible.  
And from day one, when Bishop Andrew Francis began working for the betterment of orphans, I joined him in this humanitarian work. He also built an organization called the St. Anthony Foundation. He inspired me a lot for my whole life, his enthusiasm, passion and determination jumped on me like a spark. When he was on his deathbed, he asked me to continue his mission even after his death. I promised him to continue it and to grow more and more in this humanitarian commitment. I am convinced his mission will never stop, and I will work for it at any cost.


Sajal Emmanuel

I am Sajal D/O Emmanuel Fabian. I was the fourth daughter in my family. I was born and raised in a Catholic family and joined the church as an altar girl. My parish priest and other fathers and sisters loved me very much and they took me with them on their visits to the poorest where I saw them working to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and abandoned of society. While visiting these poor people with my sisters at the age of 13, I could feel the pain of sick people and orphans. Since then, I continued this practice for years and slowly their sufferings merged in my life.
So I began to work with my sister especially for these children. I continued this mission for 10 years. After I graduated in political science, I decided to do the same thing independently.  Well, this is what I do now, and I see the satisfaction, on your faces that remains. And so I can feel the satisfaction in my heart and soul while I work for them.