Isaiah 58 6-8 10

6 Loosen the shackles of the people who are unjustly imprisoned, free them from the oppressive yoke of slavery and restore their freedom. Abolish every kind of oppression! 7 Share your bread with the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, and if you see someone in rags, give him clothes. Help where you can, and do not close your eyes to the needs of your fellow men. 8 Then my light will dispel your darkness like the morning sun, and in a short time your wounds will be healed. Your merciful deeds will go before you, and my glory will conclude your procession.
10 Take care of the hungry and feed them, supply the needy with all they need. Then my light will break through your darkness. The night around you will become bright day.


On this page you can make a donation or as we like to say, a gift for our project. A gift is something that comes from the heart, where I do not expect to get something in return, that I give freely. But we know that God is good and we know HE loves a cheerful giver, because HE gives unceasingly !  So give according to your means, even small gifts are always welcome ! As life is not a standstill and our work is always going on, so are our expenses. So we are also especially happy about regular donations, for example through a standing order, you decide ! If you need a donation receipt, please indicate this in your donation details, a mouse click is enough. 

So we thank you in advance for your generosity and say a heartfelt German: "vergelt's Gott"! (Enlish: May God give you, what you give from you)

In the name of the whole team of Anthonis Help

Reiner Wettcke (1. Chairman ) 


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Bank name: Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw
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Purpose: Children of Lahore
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