Another serious attack on Christian family in Sargodha Punjab

Blasphemy law case in Sargodha district Punjab Pakistan.

© Bild hat Urheberrecht, Verwendung nur mit ausdrücklicher Genehmigung Christen in Pakistan - Frau hält ein Kreuz als Zeichen ihrer Zugehörigkeit zum christlichen Glauben

On May 25, 2024, I was in my office like every day and received a call around 12:15 pm from my friend who lives in Sargodha, his name is Nabeel Zaib. He told me about the critical situation in Sargodha.
I immediately called the Anthony's Foundation team in Germany and asked them for money for the trip. Because our Anthony's Foundation team, the Anthony's Foundation in Pakistan, wanted me to visit this place as soon as possible. 
It was 162 km away from Faisalabad and the journey took about 2 ½ hours on the highway. We went to the bus station, but unfortunately the bus was canceled because it had made a stopover in Sargodha due to the critical situation. So we got a rental car and drove to Mujahid Colony Sargodha. When we reached there, we saw a large number of Punjabi policemen controlling the situation. The police did not allow anyone to take photos and videos. Even the press and other media were not allowed to take pictures and videos, the police removed all evidence. The police cordoned off the building of a shoe factory, which was badly burned. But the Anthony's Foundation team did not give up and we secretly took pictures and videos and talked to the people living in the area. All the people told us the same story, which was that this Christian family had not done anything against a Muslim holy book, they were just jealous of the Christian family's business as this Christian family was stable and had a solid income from their own shoe factory. 
Two days before the incident, this family had a dispute with another Muslim family and lodged a complaint with the Mujahideen Colony police station. This complaint was also registered with the police. 
In revenge, some extremist Muslims burnt their own holy book in front of the Christian family's house early in the morning. Around 7 am, the eldest member of this Christian family went to the shoe factory clock, then a large number of people came to the factory around 09:00 am and attacked the old man with bricks. The extremists wanted to burn the old man alive, but the police arrived in time and saved the old man. The people did not listen and so they also attacked the ambulance that was supposed to take the old and now seriously injured man to hospital. According to the Christian family, about 800 extremists were present to kill the members of this family, but thanks to the courageous intervention of the police forces, they saved the family in time from the angry mob.
Thank God, there were no casualties. As we all remember the Jaranwala tragedy, here in Sargodha, the police actively protected the Christian families.