Serious attacks on Christians in Faisalabad

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

A horde of marauding men armed with batons invaded the Christian neighborhood of Jaranwala/Faisalabad and burned more than 50 houses...

Muslim extremists devastate Christian neighborhood in Faisalabad

Faisalabad August 16, 2023

Yesterday we received a shocking call from Lahore. Our employee Mr. Anthony Javed, told us about the serious attacks by Muslim extremists, about 2.5 hours from Lahore. A horde of marauding men armed with batons invaded the Christian neighborhood of Jaranwala and burned more than 50 houses. The riots also spread to other areas, leaving a total of 127 houses uninhabitable, many of them severely damaged by fire. These attacks were preceded by Koran burnings in Sweden in mid-July. These are now being used to further inflame negative sentiment against the Christian minority (3% of the total population) in already unstable countries such as Pakistan and to blame Christians, who certainly had nothing to do with this unlawful Koran burning. The following is a short report by our colleague Anthony Javed, who is a lawyer and works for a Christian law firm in Lahore:

Letter 1

Dear friends, brothers and sisters !
We hope you are all well, the Anthony Foundation team is safe here in Pakistan by the grace of God. With a heavy heart we would like to inform you about the situation in Jaranwala Faisalabad, the scenario here is really bad, about 50 houses and the Catholic Church of Esa Nagri Jaranwala Faisalabad have been burnt and demolished and a total of 127 houses in the nearby area including 3 big churches have been burnt and demolished. By the grace of God there are no casualties but the injured people are in the hospital, the victims of bullets and batons others were burnt by the heavy fire. Yesterday when we visited the place, everything was in flames, we attach the photos and videos with clear view, but on our visit today, we could go near the church, even inside the church and the people in the colony were crying, not only their houses are broken but their hearts and souls are also broken just because of all this religious discrimination, their whole world is destroyed, nothing is left, not even in their pockets and nothing is left in their houses. The electricity, gas and water supply has been cut off because of the severe fire. We need your prayers and help to rebuild and of course to provide the people with basic necessities (food, water, dishes, kitchen utensils etc.).

Mrs. Sajal and Anthony Javed

Faisalabad August 20, 2023

Letter 2

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The incident in Jaranwala in Faisalabad district of Pakistan has deeply shocked and upset me !

Several churches, about 26, were burnt down and more than 200 houses of our Christian brothers and sisters were set on fire and burnt completely. The mob looted valuable items from the houses. I was there to see it and spend some time with my brothers and sisters. It was so hard for me to stay there and see them crying.  
The pictures shown here show how they burned everything down and how our people had to spend the night in the open field.  

I ask all our friends to come forward and help our community. We want to help them with beds to sleep on, because they have nothing left, not even a single thing in their houses.

We need the money for around 400 beds. I ask all our friends in Germany and Austria and Switzerland who are privileged and have been blessed by God to donate what they are willing to.
God bless you
With a heavy heart

Mrs. Sajal and Anthony Javed