School clothes for the orphans

Giving children a future

Haniya's happy day

"Today I get my school clothes" The girl Haniya gets her clothes for school today. "Finally the time has come!" says Haniya and the other classmates will no longer laugh at her because she doesn't have the same clothes. Shirt, trousers, skirt and shoes are part of the basic outfit. Visibly proud, little Haniya looks into the camera and is just as happy as all the other 90 or so children who received these important clothes with her today. Thanks to the generosity of the donations from our "Friends of the Children of Lahore", this was now possible and nothing stands in the way of the orphans' school education.

Thanks to the Dominican Fathers...

Father Azhar, a Dominican priest in Lahore, is happy to be able to offer the orphans a future. He does not do this alone, as his confreres are entrusted with teaching the children. They enable us to make the dream of Bishop Andrew Francis a reality and help the children out of the poverty trap. However, Father Azhar is always on site when it comes to practical help and organizing the distribution of food, clothing or school clothes and many other necessary aids.

...and thank God!

Last but not least, it is thanks to Father Azhar that the children also receive the necessary spiritual guidance. The celebration of Holy Mass is of great importance, as is the blessing of food and goods. The children should learn that God's blessing, and specifically the things we need, do not "just fall from the sky", but that prayer always requires asking and giving thanks. This is also the basic attitude of the association "Antoniushilfe" - "Anthonys Foundation".

To all helping hands...

including especially those who make all this possible through their donations, we would like to thank you once again. Each and every one of you and also the helpers on site are important so that the children have a future, thank you God!