Sangla Hill - Hill of Hope

Sangla Hill is a tehsil in the Nankana Sahib district of Pakistan's Punjab province. It is located 103 km from the provincial capital Lahore and 47 km from Faisalabad. Until 2005, it was part of Sheikhupura district.

Sajal Emmanuel - a woman with heart and mind

Sangla Hill, this project is essentially connected with the name of a woman - Sajal Emmanuel and I would like to emphasize it right away, she is a very strong woman! A woman who knows what ... no not she wants, but what God wants! This is how I got to know her within the last 5 months. Due to the connection of our association to the Catholic Church, also in the sense of supervision by this church, Mrs. Sajal was placed at our side by Fr. Francis Gulzar, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Lahore. Thus, Mrs. Sajal performs two tasks. Firstly, she fulfills the important office of the treasurer within the association on the Pakistani side. Secondly, it is her heart's desire to support the children and young people and the mothers. Especially the girls and women, as the latter belong to the most discriminated group within the Pakistani society, especially in the poor quarters, due to their gender and religion. This has always been the case, however, and Sajal has for years been particularly committed to women, who have virtually no lobby within society.

No rights for Christian girls and women

Also in the project in Sangla Hill we had to realize very quickly that the rights of children and young people are often trampled underfoot, because there is no one who stands up for them. So, at the suggestion of Mrs. Sajal, we decided to do something, especially here, where abuse of the labor of children, but also sexual exploitation, especially of young women, is the rule. Here we organized a small seminar to educate children and young people about their rights, as well as to initiate measures to make sexual exploitation of women, or in some cases children, more difficult. Mrs. Sajal, as a woman, can have a particularly good effect here and bring in her experience from other projects. This initiative soon led to a conflict of interests of the employers, who are primarily interested in their own profit and sexual exploitation and abuse children for their own purposes. Soon the first ones were ready to reject this and not to be at the disposal of their tormentors anymore. In an interview with one of those affected (unfortunately only available in English), we draw attention to this great injustice.


How it goes on

As with our first project in Kasur, here too, in addition to support in the form of food and clothing, the school education of the children will form an essential part of our commitment. Since the children currently have to live in very dilapidated buildings, which will soon have to make way for a planned business project, we are looking for suitable living space that will enable us to meet the children's educational needs.